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The Pseudo Text Denormalizer Text Wizard!

A tool to fake denormalize a field of unformatted user submitted text. Imagine a user trouble ticket form with a free text based entry box and another question for department. You have 100 submissions over the years, and you want to count the number of times a word occurs within each department to try and find recurring issues. Enter two columns of data separated by a tab (e.g. from Excel). The first column will be kept the same, the second column will be split on spaces, commas, and slashes. A row for each of the first column+split second column will be returned. Then throw the data into Excel and then into a Pivot Table to count the occurences, and analyze the occurences by department.
This formula would be helpful in Excel to remove line breaks and carriage returns: =SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(A1;CHAR(13);" ");CHAR(10);" ")

Enter the text block: