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These tools are useless. Except to us, and maybe you.

This website, Web Tools by Perceptus,, is simply an online dumping ground for a few text mangling and number crunching tools that we find useful but generally hard to find on the web. These tools are meant to make life easier. Often these tasks can be done via Perl or Excel or whatever, but these are online and readily avilable from any web connection.

Yes, these scripts are available for purchase. We have actually sold licenses to this code for companies that wanted to host these on their internal networks. Contact us for details.

If you are interested in seeing the other nonsense that the creators of this site have done, please go to the homepage of Perceptus Solutions Inc. Vancouver based web and computer geeks for hire.

If you have suggestions or comments regarding this site, they are more than welcome in our forums. You may also contact us by email, but we prefer the forum (so we won't post an email address here).